Join Amnesty International’s book club!

You can be an inaugural member of Amnesty International’s book club! If you are interested in reading good Canadian books, participating in discussions with other readers, and then taking action to help other people, we have a book club just for you!
The Amnesty International Book Club combines awareness and action. Every month, a guest reader will recommend a book about the human experience they believe other Canadians need to read. It can be fiction or non-fiction, and for our first year at least, we will have books only by Canadian authors.

When you join the Amnesty International Book Club, you will receive a discussion guide including discussion questions, as well as background information on the issue or country featured in the book. (For January, this will be sent out mid-month; in future months you’ll receive it earlier.) Our guest readers and chosen authors will help shape these discussion guides, whenever possible. You will also receive a current human rights case,that we hope you will take action on.

Click here for more information and to join the book club!